MiFi Smile comminications Uganda

If there is any mobile internet service provider (IPS) with unlimited bundles to die for, Smile communications will be at the top of the list. This week, the 4G-LTE provider has introduced an add-on of the existing SuperFast internet called snack – a smaller bundle that restores data speeds up to 4Mbps once slower data speeds are experienced. Snack bundles are low-cost and the validity is linked to that of the active Unlimited bundle.

So, next time you experience slower data speeds, once the Friendly User Policy (FUP) of an Unlimited bundle is reached, you can always recharge with a Snack.

Please refer to more details on Unlimited and Snack bundles including the range of bundles, data included, validity and prices.

UnlimitedFUPValidityPrice (UGX)
UnlimitedEssential (up to 4Mbps)20GB30 days179,000
UnlimitedPremium (up to 6Mbps)60GB30 days330,000
UnlimitedPlatinum (up to 6Mbps)100GB30 days550,000
Snack (up to 4 Mbps)DataValidityPrice (UGX)
NEW 1GB Snack1GBDynamic10,000
NEW 3GB Snack3GBDynamic30,000
NEW 5GB Snack5GBDynamic50,000
NEW 10GB Snack10GBDynamic100,000
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Smile customers can recharge with Snack bundles by logging into MySmile and selecting from the range of Snack bundles. You also can pay with MobileMoney, VISA or MasterCard or visit any of  Smile outlets closest to you.