See these amazing GIFs of Uganda’s Independence 53 years ago

UG Independence GIF_14

[blockquote right=”pull-left”][/blockquote] Independence day is around the corner, and for the guys with eight-to-five jobs, this year it will be a long weekend public holiday (Yes, it will be a Friday). The year was 1962, the date was the 9th in the month of October–am positive majority of readers were not yet born including the author of this post (hides face) — our motherland Uganda gained its Independence from the British colonialists. Not to sound like a history lesson let’s get to the fun bit. Thanks to the British Pathe, the team at Techjaja has used the wonderful 1987 image technology  depicting the amazing (Graphics Interchange Format) GIFs of Uganda’s independence in 1962. Right from Entebbe Airport where Kabaka Mutesa II and Prime Mister Milton Obote welcomed the Duke of Kent who represented the Queen to officiate the Independence day ceremonies, up to Kololo where the British handed over the instruments of power to Uganda. Watch how the two-day event plays out in these eighteen GIFs. Feel free to leave your comments in the comment section below. [signoff icon=”flame”]WARNING: If you are a photosensitive epileptic or bothered by gifs in general, please do not proceed. Some of the gifs within this artcile could be quite triggering.[/signoff]    



GIFs of Uganda's independence_1GIFs of Uganda's independence_2 GIFs of Uganda's independence_3GIFs of Uganda's independence_3GIFs of Uganda's independence_5GIFs of Uganda's independence_6GIFs of Uganda's independence_7UG Independence GIF_9


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Video Credit: Britishpathe