Samsung’s Tizen OS to be used in emerging markets

Samsung first Tizen Phone
Samsung Z
Samsung first Tizen Phone
Samsung Z running Tizen OS

Originally set to battle Android on all fronts, Samsung’s Tizen could now be choosing it’s battles carefully. Tizen in the emerging market would meet Google’s recently launched Android One head-on. This has been Samsung’s long rumored OS to replace  Android, but it seems Tizen, wont face it off with Google’s OS after all. Last we saw, the company has limited the use of Tizen for their wearables, like the Gear Fit and Galaxy Gear. This means the OS is good for devices that require low processing power and that is where cheaper phones for emerging markets shine.

According to Tizen experts, all plans to launch a high end Tizen smartphone like the Samsung Z smartphone (image above) were reportedly scrapped due to limited interest from consumers. New reports suggest that Tizen is set to do business on another front, though. The Korean phone maker is rumored to be readying Tizen for battle in emerging markets, putting the operating system on low-end smartphones.

The company will be in real trouble if they can’t launch Tizen off the ground, as their smartphone business has been in decline for quite some time, despite the success of a few prima handsets.

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If this rumor holds up, it could be interesting to watch how Africa, Asia and other emerging markets react to the plethora of OS options including Asha and Windows Phone.