Samsung Unveils the Galaxy Note 4 and curved screen Note Edge

Note 4 Edge

Galalxy Note 4

Today Samsung has unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with a metal frame, an other Note called the Note Edge with a crazy sloping screen, the Gear VR virtual reality headset, and the already announced Gear S Tizen smartwatch.

Samsung has changed its design with a 2.5D curved glass on the new Galaxy Note 4. weighs 176gm, 8.5mm thin and will come in Charcoal Black, Frost White, Bronze Gold, and Blossom Pink. The official names of those Note 4 colorways.

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The Note UI has been updated, and there’s now a new transparency widget that makes the home screen visible under whatever you’re doing. A new dynamic lock screen with images from Yahoo and other providers.

Kick Ass Quad HD Screen

Galalxy Note 4 display

Its a 5.7 inch screen , 2K  Super AMOLED screen which is so much better that it’s really unfair to compare Samsung said during the presentation.  That was in response to Samsung’s own mention of Quad HD displays (most prominently on nemesis LG’s G3 flagship phone) already being on the market.

New multi-window functionality: an app like Hangouts can be shrunken down into a window and hover over another app such as Facebook.


An Evolved S-Pen

With the New  S-Pen You can still do a two-app split-window setup or you can do this hovering thing. We’ve seen similar from the likes of Sony with its mini-apps on Xperia devices, though those have primarily been very basic, such as the phone dialer and calculator.

Samsung has doubled the pressure sensitivity from the Galaxy Note 3 with its new S Pen. The S Pen can function just like a mouse cursor, with selection boxes that you can draw on both images and text.

A killer Wide Selfie

The Note 4 has a 16-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization on the back. The heart rate sensor on the back is used as an optional shutter button. You don’t have to press it down and therefore you won’t be risking any added motion blur. You just cover up the sensor for a bit and the camera captures the image.

It has a wide selfie functionality: a 120-degree view, essentially adapting the classic panorama mode to our self-obsessive new habits. They said “We’ve taken great care and spent millions of hours perfecting the battery on the Note 4.”.

Battery life perfected

There is a new fast charging: that will charge your phone from 0% to 50% battery charge in 30 minutes. Where the Galaxy Note 3 would have taken 55 minutes. There is a 7.5% increase in battery life from the new 3,220mAh battery.

Galalxy Note 4 multi audio

Note 4 has three new microphones to enhance the voice recorder. You can record sound from up to 8 distinct directions. “Ideal for journalists because it’s perfect for recording two people in a noisy environment and playing back one voice very clearly.

The Accessories include S View Cover, Flip Wallet, S View Wallet, Crystal back cover and an LED Cover. The LED Cover reminds me of the HTC One’s Dot View cover.

A New Note category with a curved screen

Note 4 Edge

The Galaxy Note Edge is a special edition of the Note 4. Looks to be same smartphone but with the sloped-off display.Together the main and edge screen make up a Quad HD+ Super-AMOLED display. News tickers, fast shortcuts to apps, and quirky stuff like a measuring ruler can all occupy the edge screen.

Camera controls can all be relegated to the edge screen, giving you a totally full-screen viewfinder when taking photos. The Software Development Kit is being released today and there is indeed a ton of potential for exploiting this odd extra sliver of display. The Note Edge will be available in “select markets” later in the year.