Samsung teases the next Galaxy. Its all about the number 5 (video)

We are just days away from seeing the next big thing from Samsung, at an Unpacked event at Mobile World Congress, and already the company has issued the first video teaser for the major product :dubbed  the next Galaxy. Samsung has done a great job at keeping the phone under wraps as the phone still remains  a mystery to many, but there are a few fascinating hints in the new video.

With words like “selfie,” “fit,” “wet,” “outdoor,” and “alive”  flashed on the screen, means Samsung might add or improve on certain features like fitness or a rugged water proof phone. There are some slow motion video shots that might imply the slow motion feature that we saw on the iPhone 5s last year. As for the selfies that’s obvious. Well till next week, we wait and see what the Galaxy s5 will bring to the table.