Samsung rumored to debut world’s first foldable screen smartphone next year

foldable screen smartphone

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We now have curved screen smartphones on the market thanks to LG and Samsung, that began with the Samsung Galaxy Round, the LG G Flex, or and now the Galaxy S6 Edge and Edge+ . But, with technology there is always room for innovation, we now dream of a fully bendable, malleable and foldable mobile devices. Those devices we see straight from sci-fi movies, may finally become reality and there is none other than Samsung to lead us to the promised land of such devices and we get to see the world’s first foldable screen smartphone next year.

As always, you’re advised to retain your skepticism regarding inside information divulged without concrete proof supporting it, although we realize it’s hard to keep your cool while envisioning a Snapdragon 620 or 820-powered Android handheld with 3GB RAM, microSD expansion capabilities, non-removable battery, and a body that curves, arches and curls sans opposing resistance.

Don’t expect the Galaxy S7 to have a derivation will feature a 100 percent rollable construction. The technology, ifpolished and mature enough to move into commercial distribution in January, as this fresh rumor suggests, is most certainly not ready for S6 Edge-type primetime.