Samsung ready for 5G technology, attained speeds of 1Gbps and will be ready by 2020

With some countries in Africa and around the world still struggling  with 4G LTE deployments Samsung is not shying away from testing the  next generation mobile technology. Reports from Korea’s Yonhap News Agency reveals that , Samsung has successfully tested its 5G platform, pulling down data at 1Gbps in recent tests. In order to successfully pull the tests off, the Android mobile giant apparently needed 64 antenna elements, but says the technology will be available to customers by 2020 — which is in line with the European Commission’s goal quite nicely.

The fact is that these are not the fastest 5G test we’ve seen in recent months, as early in Feb NTT DoCoMo confirmed that they successfully conducted a 10Gbps wireless test in Ishigaki this December with the help of the Tokyo Institute of Technology.The dry run relied on frequencies and bandwidth well outside of usual cellular service, in the 11GHz band with 400MHz of spectrum, but proved that it was possible to blow past the speeds of LTE and LTE-Advanced while moving outdoors; the test used 24 antennas to maintain the link.DoCoMo ultimately hopes for similar speed in frequencies over 5GHz, and it’s not shy about hoping the technology will define mobile communication as it improves

VIA: evleaks

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Source:yonhapnews, NTTDoCoMo