Samsung becomes first phone manufacturer to use gorilla glass 4

Galaxt note edge

Smartphone screen displays shutter all the time, and thanks to Corning’s industry leading technology, this could be a thing of the past. The company has been pushing its latest iteration of its own damage resistant glass, Gorilla Glass 4. And on board as it’s its very first customer was: Samsung. The Korean manufacturer bestowed this thin but strong glass first on the metal clad Galaxy Alpha, followed later on by the Galaxy Note 4.

But what’s really so special about this so called Gorilla Glass 4 anyway?  Corning’s latest glass tries to prove that you don’t need expensive sapphire material in order to better protect your device. In particular, Gorilla Glass 4 addresses what Corning’s R&D discovered was the main culprit in many broken displays: hitting asphalt or concrete. And at only 0.4 mm thick, Gorilla Glass 4 affords protection without marring the Galaxy Alpha’s slim 6.7 mm physique.

While the Galaxy Alpha is first, naturally because it was launched first, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 comes close at second it is safe to say that perhaps concede that the Galaxy Note 4 is the first among phablets to bear Corning’s latest and greatest.

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