Rumor: Google glass consumer model could have Samsung’s OLED display

If you have grown to love Samsung OLED displays, you will find this as good news because the consumer version of Google glass is rumored to have Samsung OLED displays.The deal follows Google CEO Larry Page recently visiting a Samsung Display OLED production line, The Korea Times reports, and heavy-handed hints by the screen division’s CEO that wearables would figure highly in flexible OLED’s future.

“OLED on silicon may be used for glasses-type, augmented-reality devices much like the Google Glass.The wearable market will be a major beneficiary of the free-form factor advantage of flexible OLEDs. Smartphone-linked wearable accessory products such as watches and health bands will use ultra-thin flexible OLEDs embedded with various sensors.”

— CEO Kim Ki-nam said during a SID keynote this past week

Switching to OLED would mean Google could do away
with the separate LED backlighting, since OLED pixels produce their own
lighting. It seems likely that Google would still use the wave splitter
eyepiece block, since that allows the “floating” display to be
translucent, though it’s worth noting that Samsung has been showing off
translucent OLED panels for several years, and has in fact commercialized them on a small scale.