Roke Telkom unveils the Roke Mega data bundle


RokeTelkom has this month launched its latest data bundle called “Roke Mega”. The bundle is targeted to small and medium sized businesses and comes with a whooping 80GB that is valid for 1 month at UGX 500,000.

Business owners and even individuals that have been in the market for the perfect internet solution can testify to how hard it sometimes gets to find just the right plan that gives value for money, and then some.

With that in mind, comparing Roke Mega with what is in the market already from all the other various ISP’s actually makes it quite a reasonable and fair product offering.

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80GB at UGX 500,000 valid for 30 days gives more bang for your bucks since at that price, you would get considerably less data or ideally pay more money to get that amount of data with another provider.

Roke Mega comes in at speeds of 5Mbps during peak (6:00am – 6:00pm) and 10Mbps (6:00pm – 6am, Weekends which is pretty fast whichever way you slice it.