Photoshop integrates 3D-printing support

Adobe wants to dive into the 3D printing world today with a new update to Photoshop CC which will enable a new 3D-printing tool meant to ease the process for everyone. This also allows you to put some finishing touches on it, and get it printed. The company aims to let people use Photoshop for 3D printing with more creativity, and also helps you brush up on an existing project.

The Shapeways and Makerbot Partnership

Adobe is adding several features to make printing a model as easy as 123.  No need to worry about your model collapsing as Photoshop will automatically generate temporary supports beneath and around their model to make sure that it doesn’t fall apart during printing.  The company has also partnered with MakerBot and Shapeways so that Photoshop can automatically generate previews of how a model.

The Shapeways service integration will enable, a made-to-order 3D-printing service, as you will be able to envision what the printed model should look like when it’s made with any of Shapeways’ materials, from colored sandstone to solid bronze. Since Photoshop CC is part of Adobe’s subscription service, this update comes at no added cost.