Pepsi’s Sala Puleesa promo now comes in form of a game.

Sala Puleesa is famous for Mun-G, who sung the song that has gone on to morph into a lead anthem for Pepsi’s promo of the same name, where lucky customers get to win prizes like a brand new Toyota Noah, LCD TVs, Smartphones, Motorcycles among others. The Sala Puleesa promotion game has now gotten its own domain, after earlier launching as a Facebook game.

One has to logon onto to partcipate in the game. All you have to do is buy a soda (Pepsi glass products only), enter your telephone number together with the unique 6 digit code under the crown into the game and finally, you choose between the 3 bottles to win either a smartphone, airtime or more. These three steps are also clearly explained in the How To Play demo. 


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Earlier we reported about the same promotion going digital  when they launched the same application over Facebook. This new portal follows their promises  of allowing their consumers to directly interact with Crown Beverage brands in the online space.

The promotion aims to see up to three million consumers of CBL soft drinks win prizes worth Shs 3 billion including; Toyota Noah vans, motorcycles, plasma  television sets, smartphones, soda, airtime and Pepsi branded goodies. Sala Puleesa is also aimed at rewarding consumers of its soft drinks, and strengthening its position in the beverages industry.

To participate in the Sala Puleesa promotion offline, consumers should buy any of the company’s 300ml glass bottles including; Pepsi, Mountain Dew or any Mirinda, check under the crown for an instant prize or code which he or she will SMS to 8777 to enter a weekly draw to win an inspirational prize. The weekly draws will be held live on NTV, Urban TV, Bukedde and TV West every Sunday at 8.00pm and winners shall be announced.