Outlook for Android in the works

Microsoft released Office of the iPad last week, now according to the company’s own blog , the guys at Redmond are planning to grace your Android phone with some¬†Outlook web application love. Not that we currently cannot get corporate emails on our Android phones, the company wants to bring you what you have been missing with the full Outlook experience on your phone.

The app has already been available for iOS devices since last year, but soon Android users will soon be able to join the bandwagon. Just like the iOS version, users will be able to enjoy all of the features of Office 365. Migrating all of your company emails, notices, will be a breeze with the new web app.

We are yet to get the actual day of release but we don’t think its far away from launch. Are you excited about Outlook on your Android phone? Leave us a comment below.

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Update: This is an April 1st fools day prank; the App already exists in the Google Play Store.