Orange reportedly rolls out 4G LTE to 3 new towns out of Kampala with high-speed data

orange LTE rollout

orange LTE  rollout

orange data test
Some of the screenshots we received

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As Ugandans crave for more data on a daily basis, the mobile networks are also compelled to spread out the highest possible data speeds on the market to all corners of the pearl of Africa. Despite that Orange is soon existing Uganda’s telecom sector, this has not stopped the number one data provider from extending it’s 4G network way out of the capital Kampala something the competition is still struggling to achieve.  According to our reliable contacts in Jinja, Entebbe and Gulu enjoying Orange’s internet services have reported that for the past month been seeing 4G-LTE symbols on their mobile devices and data modems with speeds screaming between 20 – 40mbps. Since Orange has not yet  officially announced on their website about this new roll-out, we suspect the network is still under test and technical observation but is also usable by the public.


Here in Kampala several areas like Munyonoyo, Bunga and Kitintale are also getting a taste of their first LTE speeds courtesy of Orange. Smile communications, another 4G operator has so far ventured in areas out of Kampala like Mukono and Entebbe. With only three 4G LTE operators in the country, MTN, Orange and Smile the roll-out seems to be rather slow since a year ago when MTN first introduced the technology. According to our EIC at techajaja Roger,  who also happens to be an expert in the field of wireless communications commented on the biggest bottlenecks of the fast adoption of LTE and roll out of the technology and in simple terms said that:

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[signoff predefined=”Movie Review Signoff” icon=”icon-username”]”The 4G LTE consumer devices are not yet widely affordable by many Ugandans as compared to their 3G counterparts and on the mobile network side all these high-speed data networks beyond 3G’s 42 mpbs, need fast and reliable fiber network technology to send the data back to the internet connection at the various ISPs”[/signoff]

In Kampala, this is where Google’s Project Link comes in, with the aim of connecting several ISPs to its Fiber network. Of course lets not rule out spectrum unavailability from the regulator UCC as part of the slow adoption of fast LTE by other carriers that don’t have it.

Are you in Entebbe, Gulu or Jinja or any other place mentioned and using Orange 4G-LTE? Please leave us your experience of the network.