One way trip: These 7 Africans will be going to Mars

Mars One

Mars One, is an initiative aimed to send over 100 people to another planet. More than 200,000 people first applied for a place on the project, run by a privately funded expedition that aims to put a group of colonists on Mars by 2025.  The one way trip is now in its third selection process, with a 50/50 gender balance and will see people from all over the world participate.  39 from the Americas, 31 from Europe, 16 from Asia, and 7 from Oceania. These are the 7 Africans that have been selected to go on this space voyage among the 100.

The list features 5 people from south Africa, one from Nigeria and the final participant from Egypt. You can find the screenshots of each candidate’s profile below.

Mido Egypt Kobus_South Africa Ighadalo Nigeria Edwin_South Africa Adriana_South Africa Diavashen_South Africa Alexadrah_South Africa

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Source: The Mars 100