Nokia Trials show that 5GB data in 11 seconds over an LTE network is possible

LTE speeds

As telecom equipment vendors and mobile networks, try to break barriers in wireless data transfer speeds,  Nokia and Korean mobile carrier, SK Telecom have now broken a record. With over 5GB of data in just 11 seconds over SK Telecom’s next Advanced LTE network, this seems to be the highest speed ever attained.

“Download a full season of Game of Thrones in 1080p resolution in less than 20 seconds”

These kinds of data speeds wont be readily available to us soon as they are still in trial phase, especially if you put into consideration of the fact that there isn’t even a phone or modem on the market that can handle these speeds and not to mention data caps for unlimited users due to limited capacity on the network side. At such speeds, your year’s data budget could be depleted in just minutes.  To put in perspective , you can download a full season of Game of Thrones in 1080p resolution in less than 20 seconds.

3.7Gbps transfer speed

Nokia and SK Telecom were able to attain a speed  of about 3.7Gbps, which blows the current, top of the line LTE networks that range from 150 – 300Mbps using CAT 4 devices. It’s not clear if this amazing throughput value is an average or maximum attained during the tests. They were able to achieve these speeds on both FD and TD LTE networks, the trial used an aggregated 10 spectrum frequencies allocated for both LTE variants for 200 MHz of bandwidth. This may be impossible to achieve in real life due to spectrum cost and limitations both in most countries.  So this is the future and it is possible, whether your carrier will give you such speeds anytime soon, is not ours to answer, at least for now.

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