Nokia and Airtel have launched the Asha 501, in New Delhi today: Africa is next

As we reported yesterday, Nokia has today launched the Nokia Asha 501,  in New Delhi today, is the first member of this “new family of Asha smartphones.” The Ahsa phones are designed to address developing markets in poorer nations, the Asha handsets have so far proven a retail success. There’s now a split between a Home screen, populated by a traditional icon grid, and a Fastlane view that serves as a notifications hub for your most recent calls, apps, and social network updates. Nokia’s also secured a deal with Indian carrier Airtel to provide free access to the Facebook app and in India and some African nations. It’s a mild expansion on the already available Facebook Zero option for free browsing of the globe’s most populous network.

The N9’s Swipe UI features finally make it to a new Nokia phone

The 501 is recognizably an Asha phone —

  • 3-inch touch display
  • 3.2-megapixel camera,
  • costs $99 starting price off-contract,
  • Dual-SIM option,
  • six color options
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Nokia’s persistence with Asha can’t be considered good news for Microsoft as it is evidence that Windows Phone isn’t yet flexible enough to address all markets, leaving Nokia with no other option than to keep evolving the Asha platform. Enjoy the press shots and video gallery below

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