Nigeria has finally implemented Mobile Number Portability


We recently had an Editorial about the possibility of  Mobile Number Portability in Uganda and i would recommend you to read it.It seems Nigeria is one of the few countries in Africa to get over the carried politics and implement Mobile Number Portability (MNP). Over 100 million mobile phone subcribers can now hop from one network to another and still retain their number. As awaited, the service will give the telecoms consumers the freedom of choice, change the competition and allow mobile users the opportunity to use only one phone and operate on the platform of their choice. One things was made clear by the regulator that this programme is just beginning and will not end all the problems of the industry immediately. The service will also impose cutting-edge responsibility on the operators who will now ensure their quality of service is good enough to retain the confidence of their subscribers.

Nigeria Communications Commissions (NCC) will start off this new era with a massive publicity event but there are concerns about how mobile phone users can effectively access and enjoy the benefits of the system after the launch. Already, NCC and telecoms operators as well as MNP service providers, have confirmed their readiness for the scheme while there has been
excitement stemming from what MNP is able and about to do.