This is my next Ugandan made car, the Kiira XOVA

The Kiira XOVA

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[/blockquote]After the successful media drive-test and briefing of the Kayoola Bus yesterday, it got me thinking. If I were to drive a Ugandan made vehicle, which model would it be? It’s at this point I started searching through Kiira Motors Cooperation’s (KMC) car road map and there it was, the Kiira XOVA. It has a striking resemblance to my current vehicle, and if these guys throw in 4 WD (Four- Wheel Drive), I will be sold. There is a genuine sense of introspection that maybe — just maybe — the Kiira XOVA would be the next SUV made by KMC and would be over-engineered, that KMC would take their time to fabricate the perfect car for just for me (Let a man dream guys!). Just to be clear, this car is not yet made, but just like the Kiira EV SMACK and Kayoola bus I hope it will see the light of day in my lifetime.

So what will make the Kiira XOVA so irresistible that I will spend my hard-earned dimes on a Ugandan made car? I have already given you a hint, am a sucker for 4 WD vehicles, given the state of the roads in Uganda, you can get out of any “sticky” situation thanks to that feature. Then also, a great fit and finish will come a long away to convince me to buy it,  not forgetting efficient fuel consumption. I really don’t care if it’s a hybrid EV car or not. Plus, let me not forget the pricing. It should be well priced for an average income earning Ugandan to afford. Well, that is relative as the more the features, the more money you have to cough out. FYI, KMC spent over UGX 500 million to make the Kayoola Bus.

I dream of a modern infotainment system

An upgraded infotainment system will be a welcome addition for the Kiira XOVA– given that it’s an SUV –entertainment should be among the top priorities for the car’s interior designers. Integrated infotainment systems in automobiles deliver entertainment and information content. There should be a way of connecting my smartphone to the car’s stereo system or infotainment screen to use basic functionalities like navigation, Play Music or listen to podcasts, volume and temperature control, car speed, etc. Alternatively, they could build a huge capacitive touchscreen mounted vertically down the middle of the dashboard, angled slightly toward the driver for viewability and ease of reach. (Think Tesla!) They could work with the carriers like MTN and Africell to offer 3G or 4G data to unlock the several possibilities to drivers and passengers while driving. A simple shortcut here would be to use Android auto, an operating system designed by Google specially for cars. KMC, would just install that as the hard part has already been done by Google.

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Safety precautions are always welcome when they are incorporated into modern cars.  Nearly every component in a modern car should be designed to enhance safety and keep drivers better focused on the task of driving; traditional knobs and buttons help drivers keep their eyes on the road because they instinctively come to know where things are. A great reverse parking feature which cameras mounted at the rear just like on the Kiira EV SMACK would be an additional welcome.

A glimpse into the future

The Kiira XOVA should give us a glimpse into the future of Uganda’s automobile Industry, what we can expect down the line, where we have cars with the performance of supercars and the comfort, convenience and safety features of a luxury car while still being extremely energy-efficient. Well, I can’t exhaust all the dream features I would like KMC to put in the Kiira XOVA and neither do we know the time of completion for this vehicle. FYI, it took KMC 4 years to finish the Kayoola Prototype bus.

KMC also plans to make the Kiira CT, a double cabin like vehicle to take care for those who would need such vehicles.  So, you can leave us a comment below on what you would like to see in the KMC’s Kiira XOVA.

These are the KMC vehicles: The future and past:


Kiira EV SMACK concept





The Kiira XOVA


The Kiira CT



Kiira Road Map