New image of the Galaxy s6 confirms all round curves

Galaxy s6 teaser 3

The latest teaser image of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy s6 confirms the company’s invite image that shows an all curvaceous body. The image was also posed on Twitter by TMobile carrier CEO John Legere   confirming that his network will carry the Next big thing from Samsung but didn’t offer any details beyond that.

Galaxy s6 teaser 2

From all the images and video we have seen, From the front, the all metal and glass S6 strikingly resembles the Note Edge — but this time round it seems the curve is not as pronounced and it will be on both sides of the screen. At it point we can confirm that the Galaxy s6 will have great hardware for those who are into curves but will Samsung do anything to tone down that heavy mess of TouchWiz? Till next month I guess we shall find out more.

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Source: TMobile