New Android bug discovered


With majority of smartphones used being Android, this could be some sense of concern. A unique Android bug has been discovered by Bluebox Security’s Bluebox Labs, one that affects all Android releases since 1.6 Donut. The bug can permit  malicious coders to create a trojan application to serve whatever purpose they’d like, whether to steal a user’s information or take over control of the device.

How it works

This vulnerability that affects over 900 million devices,and it involves a means for modifying APK code
without harm to the app’s cryptographic signature. As such, a perfectly legit app can be converted into a trojan that slips under the radar. Apps are exploited and turned into a trojan can give the hacker complete access to the mobile OS’s apps and system, as well as all their related data.


The hacker will have access to personal data like text messages, emails, any documents on the device, account passwords that are saved, pictures, and other related items can he can swipe them, potentially giving access to things like bank accounts and revealing contacts’ information. In addition, this can be taken a step further so that the hacker has the ability to use the device to send text messages, snap pictures, record videos, make phone calls, etc.

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Any solutions?

Bluebox,  informed Google of this Android vulnerability in February of this year. To take care of the issue, every device manufacturer (Samsung, HTC, LG, etc) will need to create a patch and roll it out to its
users, who will then need to install it.

Do you still feel safe with your Android phone? Leave comment below.