This is what Neflix is showing this April

Netflix April

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[/blockquote]For those waiting for latest season of Game of Thrones, well, you are in the wrong place and you will have to stick to stick to torrents for now. In the coming month Netflix is going to expand on its portfolio of movies and original TV series and other series. Most of the series are sequels to existing ones, like How to Get Away with Murder season two  and  Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season two. We highly recommend Cuckoo, Netflix’s British comedy TV series that now comes back for a third season.

These are the TV shows and movies coming and leaving Netflix this April 2016. Remember regional restrictions apply.

Coming to Netflix

TV Series

“Ajin” (Season one) — Netflix original
“Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” (Season five)
“Beat Bobby Flay” (Season one)
“Bob’s Burgers” (Season five)
“Cuckoo” (Season three) — Netflix original
“Cutthroat Kitchen” (Seasons three and four)
“Danger Mouse” (Season one) — Netflix original
“Fixer Upper” (Season two)
“The Fosters” (Season three)
“Giada at Home” (Season seven)
“Girl Meets World” (Season two)
“The Great Food Truck Race” (Seasons one and two)
“How to Get Away with Murder” (Season two)
“House Hunters Collection” (Collection three)
“House Hunters International Collection” (Collection three)
“House Hunters International Renovation” (Season one)
“Kids Baking Championship” (Season one)
“Kong King of the Apes” (Season one) — Netflix original
“Lost & Found Music Studios” (Season one) — Netflix original
“Lost Girl” (Season five)
“Love It or List It, Too” (Season four)
“The Messengers” (Season one)
“Property Brothers at Home” (Season one)
“The Ranch” (Part one) — Netflix original
“Rev Run’s Sunday Suppers”
“Sensitive Skin” (Season two)
“Turn: Washington’s Spies” (Season two)
“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” (Season two)

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“16 Blocks” (2006)
“2001: A Space Odyssey” (1968)
“A Clockwork Orange” (1971)
“The Ascent of Woman: A 10,000 Year Story” (2015)
“Begin Again” (2014)
“Belgica” (2016)
“Best in Show” (2000)
“Boogie Nights” (1997)
“Breathe” (2014)
“Catching the Sun” (2015)
“Chaplin” (1992)
“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” (2005)
“Codegirl” (2015)
“Colegas” (2012)
“Cujo” (1983)
“Deep Impact” (1998)
“Dennis Rodman’s Big Bang in Pyongyang” (2015)
“Dolphin Tale” (2011)
“Erin Brockovich” (2000)
“Explorers” (1985)
“Frank and Cindy” (2015)
“God’s Pocket” (2014)
“Hellion” (2014)
“Hush” (2016)
“Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer” (2015)
“Look Who’s Back” (2015)
“Looking for Richard” (1996)
“The Mask You Live In” (2015)
“Minions” (2015)
“Moonwalkers” (2015)
“Morituri” (1965)
“My Girl” (1991)
“Mystic River” (2003)
“The Next Best Thing” (2000)
“The Perfect Storm” (2000)
“The Phantom” (1996)
“The Princess Bride” (1987)
“The Right Stuff” (1983)
“Rising Sun” (1993)
“The Running Man” (1987)
“Say It Isn’t So” (2001)
“Scrooged” (1988)
“The Shawshank Redemption” (1994)
“Something’s Gotta Give” (2003)
“Special Correspondents” (2016) — Netflix original
“Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine” (2015)
“Sunset Boulevard” (1950)
“Team Foxcatcher” (2016) — Netflix original
“Transporter 3” (2008)
“Uncommon Valor” (1983)
“Under the Same Moon” (2007)
“V for Vendetta” (2005)
“Walt Before Mickey” (2015)

Leaving Netflix

“101 Dalmatians” (1996)
“2 Fast 2 Furious” (2003)
“Amistad” (1997)
“Flashdance” (1983)
“Half Baked” (1998)
“Hook” (1991)
“Leon: The Professional” (1994)
“Let the Right One In” (2008)
“M*A*S*H” (Seasons one to eleven) — TV series
“The Passion of the Christ” (2004)
“Pride & Prejudice” (2005)
“Starship Troopers” (1997)