MultiChoice to reportedly broadcast content over mobile networks


This year has seen Multichoice Africa’s leading Pay TV provider make deals with satellite companies like Eutelsat Communications to increase its footprint in a deal that will enable them to broadcast on more transponders owned by Eutelsat.  This week, MultiChoice is reportedly looking into ways of how it can deliver its content over broadband and other telecom mobile networks. With the advent of fiber and wireless technologies like LTE this is very possible.

According to Business Daily, MultiChoice has begun looking to the possibilities for broadband providers that could potentially carry its content over a fibre and copper connection.

The move to explore different content technologies is mainly fueled but the drawbacks of satellite technology which becomes a nuisance especially during rainy seasons as signal quality deteriorates — however, a fast broadband connection may keep the connection irrespective of the environment and weather conditions.

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With over 200,000 satellite subscribers, DSTV has seen a shift in consumer preferences in different countries especially with the rise in internet use to access home entertainment. This is speculated as one of the reasons behind the new DStv strategy.


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