MTV app arrives on Android, useless for music fans outside the US

When we first saw this app on the Android play store we were very excited, only to be greeted with the usual ‘This app is incompatible with all of your devices.’ The reason is simple, the app offers on-demand streaming of recent episodes from select series, but only for subscribers of participating cable providers, which is mainly a US affair. We don’t see this app being opened up to Android users outside the US anytime soon due to the content.

Unlucky folks who can’t access full episodes can always watch trailers and look at companion content for MTV Shows, including polls and behind-the-scene tidbits. We look on the bright side, Android users don’t have to look blankly at their iPad friends whenever they talk about  the  MTV app anymore. Side loading the app will also not save the day either. For those in the US, now that the MTV app has arrived on Google Play, enjoy music videos and content.