Mozilla abandons $25 Firefox smartphone strategy

firefox 25 doallar phone

An affordable smartphones is what we all about here in Africa, and seems Mozilla is learning that making cheap smartphones doesn’t necessarily equate to huge success given we have cheap Android phone in close price ranges.  According an email sent to CNET, Mozilla CEO Chris Beard made it clear that the company will soon be changing its mobile strategy. It read in part

[signoff icon=”email”]”We have not seen sufficient traction for a $25 phone, We will focus on efforts that provide a better user experience, rather than focusing on cost alone. While we won’t be able to live and breathe on each and every target device for our core product and technology, we can on phones that are powerful enough for each of us to make our primary phone”[/signoff]

The company’s new strategy is not clear yet, whether they would start the high-end iPhone and Android flagship market, no one seems to know. The company seems determined to produce enticing options across a broad range of prices, and more Mozilla employees will likely be asked to help gauge just how Firefox OS phones stack up against an endless sea of Android competition.

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The CEO’s email even mentions that Mozilla will continue to explore developing feature phones. The company is also thinking about adding support for Android apps as another way of giving Firefox OS a boost.

Early this month, Mozilla in partnership with Orange began shipping the first Firefox smartphones to Senegal and Madagascar, the Orange Klif is a 3G Firefox phone that runs on Orange’s mobile network. After this new revelation, this will be among the last low-cost Firefox phone to be shipped to any mobile operator.