The LG V30

According to a Uganda communications commission (UCC) report from the month of April to June this year, it was found that 64 percent of Ugandans are now using mobile phones and internet subscription has grown by 14.5 percent since March 2017. UCC attributes this growth is attributed to the stiff competition in the retail broadband market and lower costs of internet for handheld services.

“Our internet services, are average the same as they are in Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. The difference between Rwanda and Uganda is that at the consumer level, Rwanda government subsidizes. The challenge here is the up-take; how many people do consume the data services” said UCC MD Godfrey Mutabaazi.

Growth in voice traffic had grown by 9%, between March and June also there was an increase use of financial services over the digital platforms like mobile banking. UCC says technology convergence which is now on the increase is slowly making traditional forms of media such as TV, radio broadcasting and also news papers become obsolete given the rise to broadcasting over the internet.

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“Its a digital revolution, it is unmatched in all revolutions that have transformed the world. All the financial services and business we do is going to be online. This is a fact. And, therefore coming to broadcasting we shall be fully online.” UCC MD Godfrey Mutabazi said.

According to the UCC this information is gathered through monitoring market and industry trends covering key aspects of the communications sector and for the next couple of months the commission is predicting more vibrancy and digital growth in the country.