Microsoft’s Android Wear keyboard is another unexpected app

android wear keyboard by Microsoft

Microsoft is going back to its roots, and this means they are back to making good cross platform software. Recently the company was quick to make a One Note Android Wear app and it’s is continuing to support Google’s smartwatches today with a new prototype keyboard. This is yet another unexpected app from Microsoft that supports Android device. Microsoft calls it an “analog keyboard” which lets you draw letters and even special characters and numbers freely on a smartwatch screen. In the demo above we can see it supports the Moto 360 and the company says it also supports square screens with a 320 x 320 resolution .

It should be noted that Google hasn’t shown off or even rumored to make its own keyboard for Android Wear, as such devices are solely designed for voice prompts plus there could be a niche market for something that works well.  Microsoft’s prototype keyboard is available to download, but follow the instructions carefully.

Source Microsoft Research