Microsoft to uncover Windows 10 consumer features early next year

Windows 10

It’s not long since we saw Microsoft’s developer build a seek peak preview of the upcoming Windows 10, now the company is planning to reveal the consumer features of their next OS upgrade at an event in January. During the Windows 10 launch, Microsoft previously promised  an “early 2015” timeline for a discussion on consumer features, and it appears the company is on schedule.

Microsoft’s consumer feature unveiling will be more significant than the previous event according to sources, amoung which include a new touch interface dubbed Continuum. It’s at the same event where the company will detail its plans for Windows phones and tablets, and possibly dashboard updates for its Xbox One gaming console. Since Windows 10 is designed to run across multiple devices, including PCs, tablets, phones, and the Xbox One, it will be no surprise to see a merger of several devices into one eco-system.

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Source: The Verge