Microsoft promises Android and iOS mobile apps on Windows 10

Andorid on WIndows

Microsoft is really dying to be your next mobile OS and today it has revealed its plans to get Android and iOS mobile apps on Windows 10. It seems the company has been  looking for different ways of  emulating Android apps, and it seems they have hit a jackpot with method that will allow developers to bring their existing code to Windows 10.

According to the Verge, iOS and Android developers will be able to port their apps and games directly to Windows universal apps, and Microsoft is enabling this with two new software development kits. On the Android side, Microsoft is enabling developers to use Java and C++ code on Windows 10, and for iOS developers they’ll be able to take advantage of their existing Objective C code. Microsoft wants to enable developers to leverage their current code and current skills to start building those Windows applications in the Store, and to be able to extend those applications.

The company wants to developers to bring their code across without many changes, and then eventually leverage the capabilities of Windows like Cortana, Xbox Live, Holograms, Live Tiles, and more. Microsoft has been testing its new tools with some key developers like King, the maker of Candy Crush Saga, to get games ported across to Windows. Candy Crush Saga as it exists today on Windows Phone has been converted from iOS code using Microsoft’s tools without many modifications. See source link below for more details.

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