Microsoft mice with Windows 8 key, hopes to improve navigation

When Windows 8, was unleashed to the world, there was a lot of mixed reactions and negative feedback about the absence of a Windows 8 key. The OS was mainly designed for touchscreens. Multitasking, the Charms bar,  are all quite easy to use with touch gestures — and aren’t that bad with a laptop’s touchpad — but those who use a traditional mouse have been somewhat left behind. Microsoft is trying to change that today with two mice that are designed to make Windows 8 navigation a bit easier. Microsoft’s
solution? Place the Windows key directly on the mouse.

It will be abit confusing when you see it the first time— we’re so used to the Windows key being resigned to sitting quietly between the control and alt keys. Nevertheless, it has a prominent spot on both of Microsoft’s new mice, the Sculpt Comfort Mouse and the Sculpt Mobile Mouse, which are being
announced today. In some ways it isn’t so surprising, as the button has been given renewed importance in Windows 8: it opens up the completely revamped start screen, and it’s key to many new keyboard shortcuts.

With the Sculpt Comfort Mouse, a $39.95 Bluetooth mouse available next month, Microsoft hasn’t just
added a Windows key.

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