Microsoft Launches Three Nokia Lumia Smartphones in Uganda (Video)

Lumia 930 launch

A ‘tri-factor’ of Lumias

Lumia 930 launch

Microsoft has today announced three Lumia smartphones in Uganda. The  low-end Lumia 530, Mid-range 630 and the high-end Lumia 930 all running on Microsoft’s latest Windows new 8.1 mobile operating system. The OS comes with several features out of the box including Action Center also known as the notification center, Cortana, a memory management suite called Sense that will mainly be used by IT professionals to manage several devices.

The Lumia 530

This a low-end device for this market and will come with dual SIM capabilities and is also 3G capable. It also has a Quadcore Qualcom 400 chip to process apps and games fast. The earlier Lumia 520 was a smash hit in terms of sales for Nokia and they believe with improved specs and at a price of UGX 350,000 this device will be an obvious choice for entry-level smartphone buyers. It also comes with 4GB memory, Support for popular apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and WeChat. There is a 5MP rear camera with voice guided selfie capabilities as well.

The Lumia 630

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This is a mid range 4.5 inch screen device and Microsoft calls it an affordable smartphone. It combines Qualcom’s powerful Quadcore chip with uncompromised cloud-connected experiences from Microsoft. It has a vibrant design with interchangeable covers, and great Nokia camera and navigation from HERE.  The Lumia 630 will cost about UGX 480,000 at Midcom stores.


Lumia 930

The successor to the Lumia 920 is here, this is the high-end of the trio, the Lumia is a fully metallic phone with a beastly powerful 2.2GHz Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor with 2GB RAM and all apps and games will be smooth on this device. It packs a 20 Megapixel camera with ZEISS Optics and OIS to stabilize images. The Lumia has integrated Dobly Surround Sound with HD video play back. The five-inch 1080p FullHD, Clear Black screen as is bundled with 2420mAh battery to last you a long day. The Lumia 930 will cost about UGX 1,800,000 at Midcom stores.