Microsoft does away with Clip Art and replaces it with Bing Images

When was the last time you used Clip Art? If you can’t remember, you’re not alone: Microsoft’s Office team today announced it is doing away with Clip Art’s online image library and replacing it with Bing Image Search.

Microsoft’s Clip Art has long been a staple of using office products, but in today’s world, most people would rather just run a quick image search online. Compound this with the fact that images on Bing are simply more up to date than Clip Art’s old photos, and the reasoning behind the change become obvious.

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Of course, you can’t always use every photo you find online. so Office will automatically apply a filter to only show Bing results under the Creative Commons license.

This may result in the end of an era of poorly designed posters and fliers, but should at least make it easier for users to access a varied set of stock images for their documents.