Microsoft and Samsung kiss and make up over Android patent payments

Android hacking tols

Last year in August, Microsoft dragged Samsung to court, over Android royalty payments seeking to enforce an ongoing contract with the Koren Smartphone maker. Since 2013 Samsung has been paying out per-device royalties to Microsoft for every Android product it sells. Today the two tech giants Microsoft and Samsung have decided to Kiss and make up over these Android Patents payments.

In 2011, Samsung  signed two contracts —a business collaboration agreement and a cross-licensing agreement and — with Microsoft,  and that was before it became the Android King. In 2013 alone Samsung dished out over $ 1 billion to Microsoft and the  Samsung has clearly been looking for ways to dodge paying these huge amounts in Android royalties to Microsoft. Samsung’s luck struck when Microsoft decided to acquire Nokia’s phone business, this gave them a good excuse to try and annul the contract.

A confidential agreement between two giants

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Details of the deal between the two companies is unclear and currently confidential, but they have both come to a mutual agreement to “kiss and make up” in order to ended their dispute today. In a joint statement on both company’s blogs it read

“Samsung and Microsoft are pleased to announce that they have ended their contract dispute in U.S. court as well as the ICC arbitration,”

Source: Microsoft On The Issues Blog Samsung Tomorrow