Meet the Innovative and Futuristic devices that will wow you at this year’s Orange Expo

On your max, get set, Let the Orange Expo begin. This week Orange Uganda will show case best of its products for 2013, from 30 minute crazy sales,  40% discounts on several gadgets, 4G LTE phones and crazy modem deals at incredible prices. Well the techjaja crew has been given a special sneak peak at the futuristic devices that will feature at this year’s Orange expo and boy oh boy we were wowed. Well at least we are sure people shall be wowed. Since there was no
embargo to sign, we decided to bring you mini reviews of all the innovative devices and gadgets that you will have a full hands on at the Orange expo.


1. Nekomini ‘cat ears’

We first saw this crazy ear to brain conjoined idea, being featured at the CES 2013 early this year and now we get to take them for real a spin. Neko mimi is basically Japanese for cat ears. One question comes to mind however; Why would you need cat ears? Well  we sure this would come in handy for the next cat woman sequel if at all it ever happens anyway. The head-mounted gear is basically meant to be a fun product that depicts a person’s emotions and reflect them through the motion of the hokey cat ears. They are basically mounted on the head complete with two sensors one is an EEG (electroencephalography) brain sensor that rests on your forehead and the other clip is attached to the left ear.  It has five modes of movements checking sensor mode, normal mode, attention mode, relax mode and zone mode. These modes will reflect the persons emotions from sad to happy or to show excitement with a fast ear flap. They are definitely worth a try and on the naughty side we can see practical use of these ears for couples who cant easily express themselves–wink– am sure you know what we mean.

2. The Yamaha Thin light Flexible Speaker

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Having a lazy Sunday afternoon and want to listen to that jazz or smooth mellows as the sun sets ? This speaker sheet will be the best option for you to ‘chillax’ with, and all you need is your digital media player (ipod, mobile phone or Walkman) . We found the sound output amazing for both indoor and outdoor use and would recommend you try it out , never know your next duvet or blanket could be equipped with speakers in it. Well not anytime soon.

3. The Epson Moverio BT-100

We know names can be confusing but to break this one down for you, a company called Epson has basically created a huge Google glass like 3D capable Android phone for your eyes only.  You can watch 3D movies, photos and browse the web with it. We were disappointed that it runs an old version of android (v2.2) which they skinned to ease usability, but hey it gets the job done. You can transfer your media from your Mac or PC via USB and connect to the internet with wifi and you are good to go. Personally i wouldn’t buy it even if it cost $2 dollars, but the thrill of watching your movies privately is some what appealing for many. Although its  bulky and heavy for an average human head, we found the viewing experience a pleasure. and we highly recommend to try it on.


4. InkCase for Galaxy Note

We initially had a hard time to know what this does exactly, and how it will benefit the user, but in the end we managed to figure it out. We all know smartphone battery life sucks, especially with the high resolution displays that will squeeze out every little bit of battery juice from your phone. So imagine your phone with two screens, in the front and back and one of the screens consumes far less power. The monochromatic ink screen on the case is similar to what Amazon uses on its Kindle readers. We demoed this with a Galaxy Note smartphone, the results are not all that impressive; but gets the job done. You will be able to read your documents and view your images without worrying about battery drain. We however found the set
up process a little bit tedious. First you have to install three Android Apps; Inkcase photo, Epireader and Ink-case companion.

As the names suggest, the inkcase photo app is a picture sharing app, epireader an ebook reading application which supports a variety of formats and Inkcase companion to keep the Bluetooth connectivity between the inkcase and the phone
stable. The case is well designed for the Galaxy note to ensure you don’t loose functionality of the phone.

5. The Sony Smartwatch 

We have been talking about Smart Watches at techjaja  for some time now. And this year Orange has brought us some to play with. To our disappointment the model we had is an early 2012 version; as we expected the latest and this still beats our understanding why they are calling it a future product, but for Uganda of course it is. Well it’s not a Samsung Galaxy Gear
but it’s your average SmartWatch that connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone, there is no NFC. You have to initially install the LiveWare™ manager application from the app store to connect the phone to your watch. Next install on your phone applications which are tailor-made for SmartWatch, such as Messaging, Calendar, Find phone, Facebook and Twitter.  These
applications help you run specific functions on your SmartWatch device. You can get notifications, control your music from this device. It will be compatible to most Android phones running 2.3 and above. But expect partial compatibility
, HTC Wildfire S, Motorola Defy +, Samsung Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Gio, Galaxy Note. You can visit the Sony SmarthWatch page for more details.

Please note that none of the above devices will be for sale they are just for demo purposes that will usher you into the future of technology.

 For more hands on of your own, feel free to come to the Orange expo that starts on 17th October at UMA Lugogo. See the amazing offers for the expo above and hope to see you there.