Meet Kiwanuka, an iOS game Preview (Updated)

kiwanuka ios game

As I scrolled through the latest in Apple’s iOS store, a platform i rarely use, I stumbled upon a game that caught my attention called Kiwanuka. Kiwanuka is a name here in Uganda that could mean treasurer, or some kind of small god;  but of course the makers of the app, CMA Megacorp in the US have no idea or so we think. You can find the App in the iTunes Store and it’s made for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Just like Flappy birds, some people will find this game is extremely simple and others will find it extremely challenging – you might need to up your game ready to up your geometry skills.



In the Kiwanuka game, your aim is to “guide the lost citizens to freedom.” You will not need to go deep in the story – it’s also not meant to put pressure on your processor’s GPU. That doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful. (Reduce volume before you watch the preview video below)

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Basically you will control a magic rod which throws lightning, the people following the lines of the lightning. Throwing the lightning upward, will make your people will stack into a tower. When u push the tower to the left or right, it will results in the tower becoming a bridge. Each one of these little citizens has a name. So don’t let a single one die, or you’ll feel terrible!


Once a bridge of people is formed, the rest of the people following you will follow. It’s your job to get the people from the place where they originate out unto their final destination. Basically the task you have is to find your friends, and unlocking them from their triangular prisons.



A word of advice, don’t put much attention on the reasons why you’re doing what you’re doing, and either way you’ll find this game unambiguously entertaining. For those use to free apps, sorry this is a paid one just like several iOS games as you will have to part with $1.99 and trust me its worth it.


Kiwanuka is a hidden treasure that you have to find, hopefully it wont stay hidden for long. The developers of this game – has assured us that Kiwanuka for Android is “happening soon.”

Update thanks to Kizito Seumaga on Twitter:




Update 2: CMA MEGACORP based on the tweet below. Thanks Guys