A book about Medical photography helps us look at deadly diseases in a different light

“Let me be very clear — in no way do we mean to glorify disease, but it is part of the human condition,” said one of the Authors of the book– Barker to Hyperallergic. Hidden Beauty is a new medical book that focuses on medical photography  from Norman Barker and Christine Iacobuzio-Donahue, both professors at Johns Hopkins University.

The project concentrates on the emotions that the diseases can spark when viewed in a context seperated from their cancerous origin. The photography uses an assortment of techniques, including scanning electron microscopy and spectral karyotyping, to present the damage wreaked by ailments such as cancer and osteoporosis in an accessible and strangely beautiful way. Photos from Hidden Beauty will be exhibited at Johns Hopkins University until May 31st; the book, meanwhile, is available now.

You can see some of the sample photos below courtesy of Norm Barker/Hidden Beauty

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