Matching device specs to real life!

Smartphone galaxy

Written by:  JOHN M SEGUJJA, Twitter: @segujer  for Techjaja YOUBlog


Contentedly, you boast and feel complete with your favorite gadget, be it a smartphone,wearable or a tablet, these have come to be known as our Life’s companions! From the lavish handsets through the midrange up to the low-end devices, every gadget has specifications that tell its capabilities, capacity in terms of storage, wireless technologies, data speeds, size and a whole lot of internal and external make up. Given the lion’s share Android has in the market, lets bring it in focus here and try to match device specs to real life.

Rear eye will have a better sight

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Am sure we are all familiar with Android. That mobile OS whose updates roll out as slow as a snail due to the mass number of OEM devices involved. You will find that few of these devices are subjected to timely updates once availed by Google or the manufacturer. How about the front and rare facing cameras? As a matter of fact, rear cameras normally have greater mega pixels than the front ones implying that your rear eye will have a better sight! (incredible) imagine one eye having a better vision than the other. Although we’re seeing a different trend as phone makers are putting more effort on front facing cameras of late.

If apps were the senses

If apps were the senses, It would mean that you can download and install the senses only when you need them and uninstall once no longer needed! Keeping in mind the likes of ¨sense Whatsapp¨ become obsolete and need updating almost every after three months of use! Think of upgrading your senses periodically and accessing the frequently used sense from the fast lane?
Don’t forget that some apps are not supported by some devices hence you’ll be lacking some of the senses simply because they can’t be installed on your nut!

Mega butt!!

In view of the Samsung brand naming, a lady can fit a description to have a Galaxy Mega butt, galaxy prime boobs (duos) or even a galaxy Alpha booty! need i mention galaxy pocket lips? (Okay I think am getting way ahead of myself here, moving on)

Along the line of wireless technologies matching how fast we understand things in life or academics , of course the fast bright thinkers would be those heads supporting 4G/LTE speeds followed by those of 3G heads,and HSPA+,where those having EDGE and GPRS would be the morons and imbeciles of our times! Dont ask me if Tamale Mirundi’s would be a 2G head cause the whole nation knows how bright,and probably the 4G heads would only be found in schools like SMACK or NGA!

Would it be Juliana or Zari’s face to be described as scratch resistant with high-resolution, Super AMOLED Full color HD screens? Or any possibility of waterproof bodies like Desire Luzinda’s for the sake of dust and water resistant phones (need you carry an umbrella?). Think of a skin made of stiff plastic or tough aluminum casing.
Heads having Quad Core, Hexa Core or Octa core processors would be swift thinkers surpassing the slow brains of 1GHz CPUs.

Heads with little RAM

Think of heads with little RAM of about 512 MB or less than 1 GB thinking sluggishly compared to their counterparts of 3GB RAM or more executing thoughts and emotions at a speed of light?!
Internal memory would determine the amount of data held by our heads, pitying those with 2GB, 4GB dark disk space or less which is very little versus tycoons holding iPhones and Nexus handsets ranging between 16 – 64 GB of memory. Try to imagine your head warning ¨head storage running low,delete some knowledge/thoughts/ideas…
The only hope for people with less ROM would be the expandable external memory that would force one to buy a memory card for their nuts,wonder if God fixed a memory card slot on your head!!

Okay now this is too much I gotta end this…