Maro Atwooki
Image Credit: Maro Music

More Ugandan musicians are embracing the future of listening to music. Maro (Magada Ronald) a sensational RnB local artist has followed the likes of Iryn Ntale and Maurice Kiyra and and released his 17 track Album entitled Atwooki on itunes and Apple music. Unfortunately Spotify users will have wait on a little longer.

The Album is a collection of Maro’s latest tracks since recent years and features some collaborations with other Ugandan Artists like King Shaha, Lady Mariam, Frasha & Nai Boi, Keya Nemesis and Iyrn Namubiru. Maro has thrown in several tracks where he embraces his Lusoga heritage. Check out the track list below

Maro Atwooki Album - Track List
Maro’s Atwooki Album – Track List

This move by Maro, officially challenges other so called “big” artists in Uganda who release one or two singles a year and follow them up with a huge mega launch concert only to regurgitate their old music.

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In order to avoid copyright issues, Uganda Musicians are encouraged to put their music on both local and international streaming services not only as a way to promote their music, but also reach a wide audience and earn more in the process.

You can listen to Maro’s Album on itunes and Apple MusicĀ  here.