Making great games will cut down on used game sales says Nitendo’s US boss


Recently Microsoft officially complicated the process of used games sales. This  was the first time in gaming console history that used games received an ever-so-slight denial in the gaming industry. However, Nintendo doesn’t really see what the problem is, as long as developers are making good games.

Speaking to Polygon, Nintendo’s US big wig Reggie Fils-Aime said that while supporting used games is critical, so is creating good games to prevent them from having to be resold in the first place. Fils-Aime insists that lasting appeal with games has a huge impact on whether or not their resold, and obviously, he says that the lasting appeal to Nintendo games is “super strong.”

Fils-Aime notes that as long as developers make great games that have a strong lasting appeal, then there’s no need for a gamer to want to get rid of a game and resell it to a friend or trade it in at a used
game store.

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