Love at odds with technology. It’s either me or your gadgets!

Love at odds with technology

Geek week 2015 posts[blockquote right=”pull-left”]
[/blockquote]Such a subtle statement to make! Such a hard one to contain! It can as well shutter the last drop of hope left to oneself when to comes to relationships. Whereas most of the love expressed on this blog is all about tech, today we switched lanes to real-life relationships.

Fast forward to today. I make a living off anything the Englishman summarizes as gadgets. It encompasses a lot of stuff like laptops, cameras, smartphones et cetera all of which are my daily drivers. They up my productivity otherwise a one, Remmegious Ssewankambo wouldn’t have a name to himself it weren’t for the love of gadgets.

I’m addicted to some, live a life full of them and a lecture from me about them is worth your ‘No free time’  schedule. You’ll spare a few once I let it out to explain to you how it starts, how it ends, why this and that. A gadget junkie of sorts. And so the title, Senior Reviews & Features Editor at Techjaja.

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But as a millennial, there is an invisible one called the better half. Whom some refer to as soulmates and the sweet juicy names you christen your spouses. In so choosing, she makes life complete and her presence can only be described as awesome. Awesome indeed.


And here comes a conflict of interests

Whereas this does not call for troubled times, I often find myself answering questions like why not give your smartphone a break for a few minutes while I am here?  Why not leave the laptop alone and I get some attention? Why not turn off the WiFi?  “work”, I answer but deep down I’m consumed with guilt. But let’s leave that for the doctor.

A similar scenario can describe every time I carry on me gadgets with her in company. I’m contented of not being alone, lots of you find yourself in such fiasco. So hit us with your own version of a story.


Then comes the ultimatum

Truth be told, I give her all the attention, care and anything like it. But I carrying gadgets around is not some nitty-gritty affair to contain her side. She’s always at odds with my gadgets. I’m writing this using one at a cafe with the same old complaints flying around. Someone feels I should devise means of dividing the two and accord an appropriate time to each. I’m either big-headed or the other way round. I love my gadgets, I love her so I find myself having to choose between the two. Which one would you choose?


Geeks like any human being have feels

As we are well aware crime is on the rise, the only difference is that some crimes are increasing at a relatively higher speed compared to others, among which is crimes of passion. We have seen this kind of crime take a whole twist dressed in clothes of revenge porn( the desire Luzinda sex tapes) that broke the internet and got old men buying smartphones so they could be sent nudes on Whatsapp and Facebook. It did get more people on the cyberspace even when they were unaware it was cyber crime.

Geeks like any human being have feels, they want to be loved and to love back. They need to feel like the time they spend cheating on their babies (devices/gadgets) is worth it. Yes they know, they try to indulge you in their uninteresting talk about tech this, gaming that, software here..but face it, that is 98% of their lives and you are the 2% with whom they cheat.

Everything will be going on well ( you being the side dish) until you do something and stir up his rage. You have unveiled the hacker in him and he is on to project CYBERCRIME FOR PASSION.

Sheila (not real names) recently swore to ever never date a geek. They were having an incredible thing going,  Peter had made 40% off his schedule to spend with her, which is rather too much. Sheila however had found cyber companion ,0s 1s were her new language of love. Transmitting emotions through keyboards, using emoticons to catch up on the 60% Peter wasn’t giving her..

Peter smelt a rat, and he was onto a hunt to teach Sheila one lesson “Don’t mess with geeks”


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