Life of an Online Addict: A Day without my Smartphone.

life of an online addict


life of an online addict

The first thing I believe most smartphone users I inclusive do every morning when they wake up is to check on their smartphones. I must confess that mum told me it’s prayer first and I hope she won’t read this (geek alert). You can’t blame me, owning to the fact that my phone just lies next to my bed till morning from when I sleep. The smartphone is eating into people’s lives that its become a day-to-day accessory. Ladies & Gents it’s the hard truth, that gadget has now become your spouse’s “side dish”.

The first thing I do every morning with my smartphone is to check my notifications tray . Get to know mails sent to me while I was high-flying in dreamland, news updates, missed calls and texts that came along the night. But everyone almost does that so I count myself free from blame.

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Have you ever lived without having to move around without this smart gadget in your hands or pockets? Don’t dare wish for it because it turned out that the smartphone is becoming addictive. Leave weed, booze aside as these are against the laws that govern this beautiful country even if we turn out to be the country that consumes the most alcohol in Africa. Watch this video if you think am kidding.

“I was kept off Google and I missed out on a lot”

Putting that aside, here comes a scenario that I left mine home. By time I realized something was missing on me, I was already aboard a taxi destined for town. How could I have possibly left my gizmo home? How could I? These lines were eating up my brains but I was half way the journey so I had to endure and devise means of connecting to the world without my phone of course. From cutting up costs I used to incur on airtime and making calls are an important part of me, connecting me with my friends, family and work. My phone was all I craved for.

No more flippy news digests on Flipboard, my mails, Whatsapp and whatever follows. The smartphone has become an important accessory that even with what we’ve come to dislike about them, that poor battery life, people carry battery banks around to stay connected. I love my smartphone because it keeps me online on the go. I couldn’t take those photos that expressed my frustrations at that time. Moments I don’t want to forget while on the move. It kept me off Google and I missed out on a lot that has come to describe my daily life.



One of our own wrote an article about social media junkies and it’s for the love of smart gadgets like smartphones that we have people described in that category. My phone made me join those ranks, don’t profile me on this. Most people have come to cut conversations because of our addiction with the smartphones and a lot more worse has happened because you cant get hands off the “D” smartphone.

life of an online addict_3
After a long day without my phone, I was able to respond to those calls and messages

Marriages are at the edge of collapsing through late night whatsapping. Many smartphones are seeing change in security codes every now and then than homes of very many people with a view of keeping spouses eyes off our smartphones.

Back to my experience ,no more tweets, retweets I was missing out! And many people missed out my likes (how I wish Facebook brings the dislike button),comments on their photos, posts, shares off Facebook & Instagram. I was in Kampala but I missed out on what was happening around Kampala since the gossip, news and a section of events happen around the smartphone across every corridor of Kampala. Global headlines were a no go area and updates from my favorite sports team especially in this wold cup season.

Like the saying goes,” A bad beginning makes a good ending”. I knew it right away that when the sun sets, I will be back home with my smartphone.The end !!!!!! ……… to be continued. I don’t want you to wait for long here comes part two, when I reached back home, there it was. Full of notifications, texts,mails and even not so happy wordings since most people thought I just ignored their calls, texts and whatever. That’s my story what’s yours? Be sure to give us yours in our YouBlog section. We shall be waiting to hear from you.