Liberian Wireless carrier Defies Court Order


As we reported last early this week, Temple of  Justice in Monrovia have confirmed that the Atlantic Wireless (LiberCell) outstanding balance deferred payment to the Government of Liberia, stands at US$1,102,444.08 in tax arrears.

Documents in the possession of this paper from the Tax Court at the Temple of Justice has revealed that the Management of LIBERCELL (Atlantic Wireless Inc.) is in complete defiance of a Supreme Court mandate read on 5 December 2012, ordering it to pay US$1,102,44.80 to the Government of Liberia as license fees.

Since the mandate was issued by the presiding Judge of the Tax Court, the Management of LIBERCELL has failed to settle its obligation with the Liberian Government according to court documents.

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Few months ago, the Tax Court at the Temple of Justice ruled in a trial where the Government of Liberia filed a lawsuit against the LIBERCELL GSM Company for its failure to pay over one million United
States Dollars as license fees.

With the issuance of a writ of execution and a notice of sale of the assets of LIBERCELL by the court but, the management of Libercell continues to be in defiance and is yet to pay the over US1M owed the
Liberian Government in taxes.

At the same time, Tax Court Judge Mozart Chesson has directed the Management of LIBERCELL to proceed to the court on or before 10 June 2013 at 10: A.M. and submit what the court calls treasury receipts evidencing payments to the Government of Liberia covering the amount of
US$1, 102, 444.80.

Judge Chesson warned that failure on the part of LIBERCELL management to comply with his order will leave the court with no alternative but to proceed with enforcement in keeping with law.

Meanwhile, lawyers representing the Management of LIBERCELL have filed before the Tax Court an eleventh counts page application for special relief from the writ of execution and notice of sale and allow
additional time for deferred payment of said money (US$1,102,444.80license fees).

However, the clerk of the Tax Court has informed this paper that hearing into the application filed by lawyers of LIBERCELL has been scheduled on 10 June 2013 at the hour of 10:a. m. and both prosecuting
and defense lawyers are warned to be on time.