LG to demo 5-inch unbreakable and flexible plastic OLED panel

As we reported last month, seems LG’s got quite a bit in store for us this week at SID’s annual display exhibition in Vancouver. In addition to that 55-inch curved OLED TV we first heard about last month, the company will be demonstrating a very nifty 5-inch OLED panel. Created for mobile devices, the display is constructed of plastic, making it both flexible and unbreakable — certainly a welcome quality when it comes to smartphone design.

Major specs include

  • 5- and 7-inch HD Oxide TFT panels.
  • a bezel that’s just 1mm wide, enabling a
    borderless frame when installed in smartphones.
  • Both displays are
    lightweight and consume less power than their traditional equivalents.

Finally, LG will have a 14-inch 2560×1440-pixel laptop panel on hand,
along with LCDs designed for use in refrigerators and automotive
dashboards. We’ll be live from the SID show floor later this week —
check back for our hands-ons with all of these new LG panels, and quite a
bit more.

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Press PR below

LG Display Introduces Next Generation Display Technology at SID 2013

Curved 55-inch OLED TV and 5-inch plastic OLED panels on exhibit

Seoul, Korea (May 20, 2013) – LG Display [NYSE: LPL, KRX: 034220], a
leading innovator of display technologies, will showcase the latest TV,
mobile, and other products representing the future of display technology
at the Society for Information Display’s (SID) Display Week 2013.
Underscoring its leadership in OLED technology, the company will
introduce both a curved 55-inch OLED TV and a 5-inch plastic OLED panel.
Also exhibited will be mobile panels applied with Oxide Thin Film
Transistor (TFT) which is viewed as the next generation TFT technology.

“Recent trends indicate that the small- and medium-sized display
market is moving towards high resolution and low power consumption, and
the large panel market to OLED and Ultra HD,” said Dr. Sang-Deok Yeo,
CTO and Executive Vice President of LG Display. “With the resulting
rapid need for new display advancements, LG Display, at the forefront of
these trends, is well positioned to lead the market with its
differentiated and cutting-edge technologies.”

Industry Leadership in OLED

LG Display will demonstrate its industry leadership in OLED
technology by showcasing a curved 55-inch OLED TV, as well as its
award-winning standard 55-inch OLED TV at SID 2013. Based on the same
WRGB OLED technology as the standard set, now widely adopted as the most
effective OLED application for large-sized panels, the new curved
55-inch OLED TV offers a glimpse into the future of TV design.

In addition, for the first time to the public, the company will
unveil an unbreakable and flexible 5- inch plastic OLED panel for mobile
devices. The development comes at a crucial time when smart devices are
being used more than ever and at increased risk for damage from drops,
hits, and other accidents.

Next Generation TFT LCD Method

LG Display will also introduce 5-inch and 7-inch HD LCD panels based
on Oxide TFT, seen as the next generation TFT technology as it offers
high investment efficiency in producing thin, high transparency, and low
power consumption displays. LG Display, which utilized this technology
in its large-sized OLED displays for the first time in the world, will
expand its expertise to LCD panel development thereby leading the
The 5-inch HD panel will feature 1.0mm bezel allowing production of
borderless smartphones that are lightweight and emit significantly less
heat. The 7-inch HD LCD panel is equipped with touch function-embedded
technology enabling superior touch functionality in thin and lightweight
mobile products.

Superior High Resolution for Monitors and Tablets

LG Display, which was first to introduce an 84-inch Ultra HD TV, now
advances the high-definition trend further with the world’s first Ultra
HD panel for 23.8-inch monitors. In addition, the company will showcase a
14-inch Quadruple HD (2,560X1,440) panel for laptops, and the world’s
first 7-inch Full HD panel for tablets that exceeds 300 pixels per inch

Other Innovative Advancements on Exhibit

LG Display will also present a new type of LCD which can depict the
highest level of color reproduction ratio for implementation across
various industries. Products, on exhibit, applying this technology
include a transparent 47-inch LCD panel for refrigerators featuring a
15% increase in transparency while maintaining NTSC 72% or the same as
generic HDTVs, a 12.3-inch Full HD LCD panel for automotive dashboards
with 800nit high brightness and 85% color reproduction ratio, and a
24-inch Adobe RGB monitor panel for professionals with 100% color
reproduction ratio.

The company will also spotlight it’s commitment to heightened design
standards based on borderless technology with a 5-inch HD LCD panel for
smartphones with 1.0mm bezel, as well as products boasting the world’s
most narrow bezels including a 13.3-inch Full HD LCD Neo Edge panel for
laptops with 1.5mm bezel, a 23.8-inch Full HD LCD Neo Blade panel for
monitors with 3.5mm bezel, and a 55-inch LCD panel for video walls with
5.3mm bezel.

SID Display Week 2013

SID Display Week 2013 will be held in Vancouver, Canada from May 19
to 24. LG Display’s products will be showcased at Booth #1012, and allow
visitors to experience the latest offerings from the world’s leading
display company.

In addition to product exhibits, LG Display will also present its
distinguished technology with 17 major dissertations on a variety of
display topics. Also, Dr. In-Byung Kang, Senior Vice President and Lead
Laboratory Chief of LG Display, will be recognized with a special
achievement award for his work in FPR 3D and IPS LCD technology.