LG shows off a dual-bending smartphone display

LG curved scree

Whenever Samsung starts a trend, trust LG to follow suit but again come up something swanky. Last year Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note Edge which is a Galaxy Note 4 with a sloping display that bends on one side. At CES this year LG has done one better, they have shown off their own version of the Note Edge but theirs curves on both sides. This is the new LG Display with a 6-inch active bending OLED display. But is LG’s dual-bending screen design necessary?

One thing is for sure, if you’ve held a Galaxy Note or Galaxy Mega in the 5.5 inch screen realm, am sure you agree that those are massive devices, but now at 6-inches it will be a bit too much, especially when trying to navigate the phone with one hand.  But however, there is this cool futuristic swag about these bending displays that I like. From the screenshots you can see they have put several options on the curved sides like video and music controls. We can also see Facebook notification floating on the side.

The bummer about this display is that its so 2012 since it has a resolution which measures only 1280 x 720. (more about screen resolutions here) So if you are a ‘pixel peeper’ brace yourself for disappointment even if the company claims that the display has a contrast ratio of 100,000:1, and the typically awesome viewing angles and deep blacks that OLED panels bring on board. This LG display, is now a prototype but don’t be surprised to see a real device soon.

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