LG reincarnates WebOS, and here is what we know so far

LG as decided to revive the dead WebOS platform that was once a phone Operating system for HP back in the days. The Korean manufacturer has this year decided to reveal what it has in mind for upcoming devices with this OS at CES 2014. Now, LG is ready to disclose what WebOS means for its smart TV line.

For LG, WebOS brings three key gains in the form of easy or simple features.

  • With Easy connection, LG tries to simplify setting up a new smart TV, always a daunting task especially for less technically inclined consumers. WebOS introduces good looking animated characters that will help make the setup process easy and entertaining to use.
  • WebOS is also tasked with bringing simple switching, allowing users to move from one connected device to another as seamlessly as possible. Recent or current content are all aggregated in a single Favorites list.
  • WebOS also brings the ability to search and record shows into the mix.

Multitasking is yet another merit that this new TV OS brings with it, users will be able to switch between local video content, streaming sources, and apps via an easy to use user interface