LG Develops World’s First Quad HD LCD Panel for Smartphones

Early this year, LG showed off its highest-resolution display yet, that had a wowing 5.5-inch 1920 x 1080 panel. But that won’t stop the innovation, as today the company is announcing a panel with nearly twice as many pixels — 2560 x 1440 — in the same size. And LG calls this resolution the Quad HD. Perhaps this is a great idea given the fact that we won’t see the need of a 4K display in Smartphones now, as a 1080p display is sufficient enough. It’s the same 5.5 inch diagonal panel and is just 1.21 millimeters thick, making it (according to LG), not only the most pixel dense Smartphone LCD in existence, but also the slimmest. This the most impressive 538ppi and 430 nits of brightness. We still wait for LG to roll it out in actual Smartphones.