LG buttonless phone appears, keeps us wondering what they are up to


Hmmm now L has really got us wondering what they are cooking up for their 2013 smartphone line up. Our ever trusted sources @evleaks have  posted photos of a mysterious unknown LG smartphone that, if it comes to see the day of light, represents a notable drift in the Korean company’s design language. With a Nexus 4’s slightly curvy outline inspired design, the unknown LG phone also lacks front-facing hardware buttons, but appears to have a taller screen, a new speaker grille and a different sensor layout. It’s not very likely to be part of the next Nexus programwith that conspicuous LG logo at the front, but there are few other clues as to where it would fit in LG’s phone line up —  We are still wondering if its an Optimus G sequel, or something totaly new? Hope we shall see more of this mystery hardware in the near future.

Source: Evleaks facebook page