Latest version of Hangouts for iOS brings new UI, video messages, and stickers

In what seems to be a battle of beautifying and enhancing Google’s iPhone apps, the company has just released the 2.0 version of their Hangouts app for iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch. It comes with a  new look and feel as well as big new features, making it the biggest update Google has made on an Apple device. The app now is at par par with Google’s preferred platform.

Visually, Hangouts 2.0 looks even cleaner and is easier to use as well. The app’s interface has also been optimized for the iPads. Hangouts will display a two-pane view, contacts on the left and conversations on the right, maximizing the device’s screen estate on tablets making the device even more perfect for video calls.

Hangouts now has stickers, as they try to bring the craze of instant messaging to Hangouts on iOS as well. Stickers are those  overgrown animated emoji-like faces, in case you were lost on that one. With this new app you will be able to send Video Messages. Look at this like vine or instagram videos clips of up to 10 seconds in length that you can share with others in a Hangout.

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Finally, you can also send a map of your current location with a few simple taps, making it easier to inform your friend of your location in fewer words. The app can now be downloaded, for free .