Lamudi Uganda App Review : The Real Estate hunt is just a click away

Lamudi Uganda app review


Lamudi Uganda app review

Finding a new place to live in Uganda is mainly dominated by individuals well known as brokers, and those who have time always go about hunting through the real estate pages of local newspapers. If you are lucky, you would find land, a house or apartment to buy or rent that matched your needs and your wallet  which is not always the case. All this could be a thankless and time-consuming task.

Lamudi Uganda has since early this year provided an online portal for you to hunt for that ideal real estate property and now they have an Android app making the smartphone in your pocket your new virtual broker of sorts.

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Lamudi on Android  will become one of the most comprehensive app of this type — with its minimalistic user interface and one of the easiest to interact with. This app can help you find a piece of land and home to rent. It basically puts the power of real estate in your hands, at least it does for me.


For people who have interacted with me must know that am a UI (user interface) buff.  An app is only as good as it looks, you could have a not so good idea for an app but as long as it looks great and appealing am sure you will get some users here and there. By best combination is a killer idea well packed into a beautiful looking app. This app passed our review labs only because its rich in functionality and has a great user experience,  but the user interface won’t win any awards. To make the most out of this app, you have to create an account, although we would wish the guys at Lamudi would embrace social login and enable users log in with their Facebook, Twitter or Google plus accounts.  With login credentials, users will be able to keep track of their past searches.

Unfortunately I was not able to get the app working on my tablet I guess it’s not yet tablet optimized as it’s no where in the Google App store on an Android tablet. The moment you download and launch the 6MB app on your Android phone, you will be welcomed by a blue window that will ask you to select your country, something we found beautiful and neat. Worry not you can always change country in the account settings even after the app is launched. This free app is also available in Algeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Madagascar, Mexico, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, and Tanzania, among other 26 countries, but this review of course will focus on how useful it is in Uganda.


I experienced a few crashes of the app but that was on rare occasions, and I believe those are minor bugs that will be fixed. The homepage of app is split into two , a buy and rent section and at the bottom you have the option of to select all the properties that are available to sell or rent. Just when I was afraid there i no map whatsoever, the app makers took the liberty to impress me with a Google maps tab that will clearly give you an aerial view and locations of the property you are interested in. If you have used their website, using the app will be no different. It’s a pretty straightforward process , search or filter, see what you like and contact Lamudi.

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Lamudi has been busy gathering all the right information just for you, under the Buy or Rent tab on the homescreen, you can filter the information you want. You can select a city, area of the city where you want a house, apartment or Land, your price range($0 – $3m), minimum total area, Number of bedrooms and toilets just name it and the app will give you a search result with the exact locations of the properties that suit your search criteria. And your done. No physical broker needed. My dream of staying in Kololo, led me to houses only in millions of dollars,  by hey a guy has to dream at some point.

Once you have appreciated one of the properties, click its image and more details of the house or land will be given to you. There is also a map to show you the location. If you like what you see, you can send them a message or make a call with the contacts provided at the bottom of each real estate. We found out that the contact number of every item is the same, which confirms that the guys at Lamudi want to be your property brokers. Of course am sure they had to work with existing well established property agencies to get them started, but all in all the app delivers as promised. Note that every search and property you express interest in is stored and synced on your account. You really need to try the app to get a feel of the experience.