Kwese TV is offering a free dish and decoder but here is the catch

Kwese TV is only a few months old in Uganda, having officially launched recently and it is already throwing some promos towards prospective customers in what can be described as a festive offer. So what about this offer? Kwese is giving out a free decoder and dish with installation costs inclusive that is UGX 212,000 worth of 2 months  Kwese TV subscriptions for free. This sounds too good to be true so what is the catch here?

Here it is

The free standard installation of a dish and decoder will only be eligible to customers after paying two months worth of subscription amounting to UGX 212,000 since Kwese TV doesn’t bundle its channels into bouquets. This offer is applicable to only one TV point, will include a 20m cable and the prospective customer should be within a 20 km radius. The deal seems to cut across all countries where Kwese has operations.

Prospective KweseTV customers can chance on this offer by ordering through Kwese’s online portal or by visiting a nearest Kwese TV agent or certified installer. In normal circumstances, a customer would be required to pay UGX 143,000 to get the dish, decoder and 1 month worth of Kwese TV subscription of over 60 channels after which subsequent subscriptions would cost UGX 106,000 per month. Other tiers include UGX 32,000 for 7 days or UGX 17,000 for 3 days of viewing.

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To put this in perspective, a customer would have to part with UGX 249,000 if he/she were to to install Kwese TV and subscribe for 2 months. However with this new offer, he or she will save UGX 37,000 and only pay UGX 212,000.

KweseTV is also known for its multi-platform approach of simulcasting over satellite, mobile apps and web properties reducing the need of always having to wait to get home to make use of your subscription.